The ability to disburse payments quickly and efficiently to employees, vendors, and other parties is an important aspect of any business.

Make payments to vendors and direct deposit to employee accounts in just a few clicks by utilizing our online disbursement services. There’s nothing to print, mail or deliver!

ACH Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a cost effective and efficient way to handle payroll for employees. Our direct deposit program is simple to use – and it’s convenient for your employees, no matter where they bank!

Employer Benefits

Reduced Administrative Costs

Decrease the costs associated with issuing payroll checks, replacing checks, and stopping payments of lost or stolen checks.

Less Potential for Fraud

Reduce the possibility of forged checks.

Added Employee Benefit

Offering your employees a secure way to access and manage their money.

Employee benefits

Money Immediately Available

Their pay is immediately available in their account each payday - no matter where they are. They will no longer need to wait for a paycheck.

Convenient and Efficient

Your employees will not spend time standing in line to cash their check, because the paycheck is in their account and ready to use!

Online Bill Pay

Pay your bills quickly and easily with our online bill pay system!

Online Domestic Wire Transfers

Initiate quick and easy domestic wire transfers from your desktop. No need to fax forms to the bank any longer!